About Christian Gaughf

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I am a Voice actor:
I am a voice actor with eight years experience, most commonly known for my work with the Nexus modding community. I am available for hire. Just message me with details if you are interested in contracting me.

whysoserious foxtrot chanel ohbaby piratesong

I am also a Writer:

I have recently published my first book, Black Hearts: The Witch Hunt. The first in a series of dark fantasy horror, available on Amazon. If you’re into dystopian horror with a fantasy twist, this is a must read for you. Just click the cover here to purchase a copy available in either paperback or kindle.

Click here to listen to the free sample of the upcoming audio book.



  1. Hey Christian, i am a member of skyrimromance.com and i heard your performance of cael so i was wondering if i could get you to narrate a text of mine, if not then fine i understand you might be busy or think that this is a waste of time but if you are interested get in touch with me via email shre3ify@gmail.com, got facebook and twitter if needed.

    Looking forward to your reply 😀 /RGAshe

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